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iPhone for Seniors

Top iPhone Hacks for Seniors - How to Setup for Elderly

Using a smartphone can be frustrating for seniors. Simplify it. Learn how to setup an iPhone for your elderly loved ones.

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iPhone Speed Dial Icon

How to Create an iPhone Speed Dial

When you want to call someone fast, having a speed dial icon right on your iPhone's home screen is a must have. Learn how simple it is to setup.

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Custom Bookmark Icon

How to Create a Custom Bookmark Icon on Your iPhone

Learn how to easily create a custom bookmark icon on your iPhone or iPad. These bookmark icons are shortcuts to your favorite websites using custom icons you create.

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Text Message Icon

How to Create a Text Message Icon (Shortcut) on Your iPhone or iPad

Save a contact as a picture icon on your home screen to quickly send a text message. Learn the simple steps here.

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Quick Dial Icon

How to Create a Quick Dial Icon for your iPhone Home Screen

Learn a fast and simple way to create a quick dial icon for your iPhone home screen.

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