How to Create a Custom Bookmark Icon on Your iPhone or iPad (Website Shortcut)

Are you looking to create a custom bookmark icon (website shortcut) on your iPhone or iPad?

If you are like me, there are probably a few websites that you visit a lot. Maybe too much. Getting back to these websites fast by simply tapping an icon on your home screen is super convenient. Without a shortcut icon, you have to open Safari, type in the URL, and then find the page you are seeking. This takes to much time.

Saving a website as an icon on your home screen is easy with features already available on your phone or iPad. But what if you want a custom icon. I'm going to show you how to do that now. Just follow the simple steps below.

Tap the "Create Your Own" Button

To get started creating your own website bookmark icon, tap the "Create Your Own" button on the home page of our website.

Create your own icon

Select the Icon Type

You can create an icon to call a phone number, send a text message, make a FaceTime call, or open a website. Use the dropdown menu to select "website link" icon type.

Select your icon type

Enter Website URL

Enter the website URL you want to use with your icon. This is the webpage your icon will open when you tap it.

Enter website URL

Enter Name

Enter a name that will show up below the icon on your iPhone or iPad. Typically this will be the name of the website your icon will open.

Enter website name

Design Your Own Icon or Upload an Image

Choose whether you want to upload an image by tapping the "Upload Image" button or choose an icon from our library by selecting the "Pick Icon" button.

Upload image or select icon

Pick an Icon

If you chose to select an icon, you will be able to scroll through our library of icons. Once you find the one you like, tap the icon you would like to use.

Pick an icon

Customize Your Icon

You can customize your icon by picking colors for the background and the icon itself.

Customize your icon

Preview Your Icon

Preview your icon to make sure it looks the way you like. If so, tap the "Create Icon" button.

Preview your icon

Add to Home Screen

With your icon created, now we just need to save it to your home screen. Tap the "share button" at bottom of your screen or near the address bar on an iPad. This will open up an additional menu. Tap the "Add to Home Screen" button.

Save icon to home screen

Check out Your Icon

It's time to check it out! Your icon is now saved to your home screen. Just tap it to quickly open your saved website!

Your finished icon

And that's it. You have now added a custom bookmark icon (website shortcut) to your iPhone or iPad's home screen. Nice work!