How to a Create Quick Dial Icon for your iPhone Home Screen

Ever want to save a contact to the home screen of your iPhone or iPad? A home screen icon makes it super easy to find and dial a friend or family member. Here's how you can do it using Just follow the simple steps shown in the video above or follow the steps below.

Tap the "Create Your Own" Button

To get started creating your own icon, tap the "Create Your Own" button on the home page of our website.

Create your own icon

Add a Phone Number

Add the phone number you want to use with your icon.

Enter contact phone number

Enter the Contact Name

Add a name that will show up below the icon.

Enter contact name

Design Your Own Icon or Upload a Photo

Choose whether you want to upload an image by selecting the "Upload Image" button or choose an icon from images we make available. You can choose an icon by selecting the "Pick Icon" button.

Upload photo or select icon

Upload an Image

If you want to upload an image, tap the "Select Image" button. This gives you the choice to take a photo with your phone or select from your photo library. Once you've uploaded an image, you can zoom, crop, and rotate the photo.

Upload a photo

Pick an Icon

If you want to select an icon from the ones we have available, scroll through the icons and tap the one you would like to customize.

Select an icon

Select Your Icon Colors

If you are picking an icon (and not uploading an image), you can customize the icon colors. Tap the "Icon" and "Background" buttons to pick colors.

Pick the colors of your icon

Preview Your Icon

Preview your icon to make sure it looks the way you want it to. If so, tap the "Create Icon" button.

Preview your icon

Add to Home Screen

With your icon created, you now want to save it to your phone's home screen. Tap the "share button" at bottom of your iPhone screen or near the address bar on an iPad. This will open up an additional menu. Tap the "Add to Home Screen" button.

Save icon to home screen

And that's it. You have now added a speed dial icon to your iPhone's home screen. Nice work!